Integrative Psychotherapy Services
Common Reasons People Seek Counseling

Wooden person2Some common reasons people seek counseling include anxiety, tension, relationship problems, depression, shame, substance abuse, life-threatening illnesses, emotional problems, chronic pain (backache, headache, etc.), and traumatic experiences either recently or in the past. I have worked for many years in a number of specialty counseling areas and below are a few of the most common counseling services I provide. However, if you are in need of another counseling or psychotherapy treatment, please contact me so that we can talk about it.

Individual Counseling

In this form of treatment I work one-on-one with you to identify and resolve your sources of emotional and related physical pain. The goal of this counseling is to help you return to an enjoyment of life and the people around you.

Group Therapy

Sometimes a group of people who have experienced similar circumstances can be more effective at resolving issues together than they could be alone. This is often true for people who are trauma survivors, victims of violence, and/or recovering substance abusers. I often use group therapy in conjunction with individual counseling, depending on the situation and the need.

Marital Counseling

I work with couples who are struggling in their relationship. I will occasionally work with each partner individually, but most of my treatment approach involves joint counseling sessions. My goal is to help each person in the relationship identify their own contributions to the problems, and then work on resolving those issues. I also seek to help the couple rebuild their foundation of trust, and learn techniques to prevent old patterns of behavior from re-emerging.

Family Counseling

Sometimes the pain of an individual is related to, or is affecting, the health of a family as a whole. That’s when I will suggest that we include the entire family in a group therapy environment. This form of counseling typically is used in conjunction with individual counseling.

Trauma Recovery

Trauma is a wide-ranging word that can include many things. I think of trauma as “an event or series of events that has paralyzed someone’s emotions and/or severely impaired their ability to function.” This may include physical or sexual violence, emotional or other forms of abuse, accident, illness, death, combat, or anything else that has a substantial debilitating impact on the mind and/or body. Please see my biography for some of the specialized work I have done in this area.

Pain Management

An increasing number patients are discovering that pain relief requires more than a pill. While there are certainly appropriate and necessary uses for drugs, I have also found that emotional healing can often diminish the need for those drugs. This is true for patients battling illness – such as cancer – or chronic pain, such as back or neck. This all comes back to that connection between the mind and the body.

Special Events

I offer single-day and weekend Radix® body psychotherapy workshops in the Grand Rapids area. In addition, I offer residential Radix® workshops that are generally held over a weekend from Friday evening through Sunday afternoon. These are held at various retreat centers in southwest Michigan. All of these workshops focus on treating the body and mind together and offer opportunities for an extended period of personal work. This can often catapult people forward in their quest for health. You can read about and register for upcoming workshops on the events page.